Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Emotional Regulation Strategy

For those looking for emotion management/regulation strategies, I've created an easy-to-follow Zones of Regulation poster/class project to the theme of Star Wars. It is a great, empowering way to help students with attention/focus, trauma, executive functioning/emotional challenges remember to use bottom up processing to help regulate their own emotions.This is the only self-promotion I will be doing on this site. Promise. 



What to do. Where to go.

  • Bullying is a social behavior that's been around for ions and most likely will always be. 
  • Prejudice, popularity, cyber bullying, social status, physical bullying, all of these can be used as ways to intimidate, influence and hurt others. 
  • The scariest part for parents is these situations typically occur when they aren't around. 
  • What can parents do to help kids and young adults deal with these socially complex issues? 

There are phrases throughout the blog that are also links. Look for the words that are a different shade than the rest. Then just click to learn more about the topic!


Elementary aged students: 

To the right are some activities we (the Elementary Guidance Staff at Chico Unified) do with the students at most school sites in the district. These activities help create a bond and an understanding between their peers and their schools. Combined, these feelings of empathy and self-respect create a safer school community and can be a powerful tool in combating bullying behavior. If you have a child in K-6th in CUSD, ASK YOUR SCHOOL about their Second Step/Toolbox/PIP/Friendship Groups. These Guidance staff members are well-trained and ready to listen and help you in handling these and other situations. 

*Please know that all of these activities can be done at home too!

Physical bullying

  • Cyber-bullying is a brand new issue that has been hard for law-enforcement to keep up with as well as the sites, parents and schools. Figuring out how to or even if and when you should regulate a youth's online life can be complicated. There are sites such as this are popping up all over. I encourage everyone, whether you have a younger child or young adult in your household to read them. Their cyber life can be just as real as their real life and if we don't start to address it the problems we face with online bullying will only increase.
  • Tips on how to handle cyber bullying can be found at both of these sites:


Teen bullying

This is an area that can be so hard for parents. Your child is becoming a young adult who may not always be willing to share personal issues with you. This should never stop you from either asking, letting them know that you're there, talking with the school/teacher/staff, or simply spending time with them one-on-one and follow reflective listening strategies.

  • Pacer Center's site is a very interactive one that can get conversations started about what bullying is. It's somewhat teen-oriented, utilizes music, stories from other teens and connects them with helpful ideas and positive peer influence.

  • The Self-Worth Project was created by Tommy Corey, a Redding native. His story is familiar and sad, but through his struggles, or perhaps in part because of them he's produced a beautiful product. Using a camera he has traveled all over capturing the stories from all walks of life and age groups. Stories of personal struggles that can make one feel alone in the world. By doing this, he's created strong emotional connections for many people.  High school is a time period many teens seem to feel most isolated and misunderstood. This simple idea of photos and stories can be a reminder that no one is alone